Building Leaders Longing For More


Fernweh, /fɛʁnve/, is a German word meaning longing for unknown and far off places. Let us help you reach your destination.

Why we do it

Fernweh is building stronger communities, by building better businesses that develop their people.

Our Values


New ideas, new systems, new people, new places and new cultures

Be Aware

Of the needs of our employees, clients and the community

Be Real

Be yourself and own it


Choose people over time and money

About RJ Swindaman

RJ has spent the last decade of his professional career serving as an advisor and mentor. Working hand-in-hand with business owners, C-Suite executives, and front-line employees alike, RJ brings a strategic, data-driven, and human approach to achieving each client’s goals.

After an extended stint of his career was spent within the financial services industry working with businesses large and small, RJ founded his vision for Fernweh, LLC - to help businesses get the most out of their employees and help employees get the most out of their careers.

More than a traditional financial advisor or career coach, RJ’s approach focuses on being flexible while achieving sustainable, long-term results. The process is simple: live and breathe by your unique road map, supported by consistent training and reinforcement.

We strive to fulfill the unique needs of each client. With the right line of questioning, we can help uncover the issues that face our clients and help find solutions that move the organization forward.

RJ and his wife Stephanie live in Westerville, OH with their two kids. Between changing diapers and chasing his three-year-old RJ can be found……. who are we kidding, there is no time for golf now. But RJ does get plenty of time to cook, which is his second favorite hobby. For more information about RJ please visit his LinkedIn profile: Here

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